Arbitration Law

We are experts at arbitration cases, offering services that include drafting suitable arbitration agreements within contracts or at request of parties after disputes arise. We also support our Clients’ interests throughout the Arbitration process from Tribunal selection and in the active conduct of the proceedings both as Adjudicator and Party Representative.

Our services cover a broad range of areas extending beyond property law and construction, energy, commercial contracts and investment agreements, joint ventures, family and succession disputes, among others. We assure our Clients of expeditious and cost-effective resolution of your disputes with finality through arbitration as your chosen dispute resolution method, while ensuring your commercial interests and concerns are kept confidential.

Our seasoned team also  has proven track record in enforcement and or challenging of the Final Arbitral Awards and subsequent judicial processes in the High Court, Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court; all to promote and secure the best interests of our Clients.