Will & Trust Law​

When you’re tasked with serving as the executor of a loved one’s will, the process can be emotional and confusing. Even simple wills can be very difficult to execute without the assistance of a probate attorney. If you and your family are having trouble handling the legal issues that follow a loved one’s passing, speaking with a probate advocate may help you through this difficult process.

An advocate from our firm can assist with the legal execution of a will and help resolve any legal issues that may result from the lack of a will or a will with unclear terms. By enlisting our help, you will ensure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out as he or she would have wanted.

When it comes to estate planning, it’s important to know that wills and trusts are important tools that enable people to have their property distributed as they see fit. Rachier & Amollo advocates LLP will allow you to protect the integrity of your loved one’s will and last wishes.